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The way to receive official support directly from LOOP ANTENNA is by submitting a request

for Technical Support clicking on the button “Send a Request”

How to Submit a Request for Technical Support

In the Subject line, please add a short several word description of your issue.

In the Description dialog box, provide a more comprehensive explanation of your issue by giving a detailed description of what it is and the steps taken to create and/or reproduce the issue.

The more detailed information you can initially provide, the shorter the time to issue resolution.

Please do not list several different problems in one support request form.

One issue, one support request form: this will result in faster troubleshooting times.

Once your LOOP ANTENNA HelpDesk request has been submitted, you will receive a ticket number that is unique to your support request and it will be assigned to a support engineer who will contact you once they have investigated and addressed your issue.




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