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19 lug 2017

I use the Midi Loop

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I use the Midi Loop over many year´s. I test many other magnetic loop´s before but the I3VHF loop´s are the best on the market. I also love the grete suuport from this company.

I use the Loop with my smal amplifier SGC-500 with 500 Watts Output.

You can see my loop in the garden at my QRZ.com website.

Best regadrs

Joerg DL9YF

LOOP A. Community Admin
19 lug 2017

Hi Joerg! Your feedback is much appreciated, many thanks!!

28 giu 2018

'm very interested in this antenna because I have the space of an elevator tower available for installation. the ideal would be to find it used .. Thanks for your comment and indication. 73 de Alex

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  • dmcchavez
    ago 22

    Hello fellow Hams and Baby Loop enthusiast. I just wanted to share the new look of my stealthy and camouflage Baby Loop antenna. I was actually pleasantly surprised how my paint job turned out after about five paint spray cans from the Home Depot’s Rust-Oleum camouflage series set. I was a little bit worried that the paint may impact the performance, but to my second surprise, not one bit of SWR changed from bare to painted metal. This antenna just continues to impress me every time I turn on ICOM 7300 as I am getting a very impressive SWR from 1.1 to 1.6 across the entire 6600 to 29800 band…simply amazing. With regard to DX, farthest contact has been Chile and Argentina on the southern end and US east coast to the East, and Hawaii to the west. I heard Guam and Saipan Islands last week, but they could barely hear me on 40 meters SSB. Antenna is only about 8ft above ground at my backyard at this time on a Yeasu 450A rotator. The goal it to mount it on the roof one of these days to improve DX performance and hopefully the HOA will not notice…lol…I also think the paint will be able to extend and protect the bare metal from the natural elements, although, the construction, fit, and finish is top notch industrial grade quality. So far so good, I am very satisfied and very pleased with this magnetic loop antenna system, the tuning with the ATU2.0 can automatically tune from the IC7300 and it can follow my rig’s VFO via the CI-V serial RS-232 interface. Thank you Cirro Mazonni. Cheers & 73s, Dan – KM6VMR
  • k6fvc
    25 set 2018

    Below is a link to a 3 minute video covering the unboxing, installation, and operation of my new Ciro Mazzoni MIDI loop antenna. https://youtu.be/usjflq_oOUA
  • Lance Rasmussen
    9 mag 2018

    I have the Baby Loop with the 2.2 firmware connected to a Yaesu FTDX3000 and use the com port to connect the ATU 2.0 to my computer. I use WRJT-X to do WSPR and have band hopping from the bands between 10m and 40m. Everything works great! However.... Every so often, after the software changes band and the ATU 2.0 catches the frequency change and retunes to the new frequency, the SWR goes above the 3.5 level and the ATU 2.0 displays a SWR error. If I was sitting in front of the radio, this wouldn't be a problem. I could acknowledge the error and retune and be good to go. However, I like to run this 24x7 and may not be near. What I would like to see is timeout for the error so when the software changes frequency again, the ATU will retune. Otherwise, the software is changing bands, but the antenna / ATU isn't and creates a problem. Thank you for looking into this.

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