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14 dic 2017

Unable to do firmware update.

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I have acquired a Ciro Baby Loop with the RS232 Module installed. The ATU 2.0 is running firmware version 3.14 and I want to update it to 3.22 so I have full auto control with my Kenwood TS590SG.


I have a problem that when I follow the instructions for the firmware update nothing happens. The ATU 2.0 detects a media device, shows board and firmware version then continues to the last used frequency.


Are there any special requirements when it comes to USB flash drive? Does it need to be a particular size or lower than a particular size? Does it need to be formatted in a particular way?



Neil M6JNA

15 dic 2017

Hi, Neil,

There are a couple of things you can try.

First, and most important, you MUST perform a cold start! That is, disconnect the keyboard, plug in the USB stick, make sure the power supply is completely powered down, then from a complete power-off state, turn the power supply on. Even when you power off the controller, the power supply is still on, and the controller is only in a suspended state, it is not completely powered down, so to perform a firmware update you must start from a completely powered down state.


Make sure the firmware file is loaded in the root directory of the USB stick. I usually erase the stick completely so that the only file on it is the new firmware file.


Finally, if after doing all this, try another USB stick, I have had difficulties with some sticks in other applications, so it's worth trying a different device. Try to use a small capacity stick, I know they are getting scarce, but I have not had any problems using 2Gb/4Gb/8Gb capacity sticks.






15 dic 2017

Hi Adrian,

I found my issue was that I had to use a stick that was 4Gb or under.


Thanks for your assistance.



nov 4

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