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29 set 2018

RS-232 Connection Data

4 commenti

First, an apology. When answering a question related to the connection of the C-M loop's RS-232 port to an Icom CT-17 converter, although the pin connections were correct, I mislabelled the transmit and receive data lines. A subsequent query was eventually resolved by reversing the TDX and RXD lines, but that caused me to think why that should be. I eventually discovered that the schematic in the Icom CT-17 User Instruction manual was incorrect, they had reversed the TXD and RXD labels. The actual connections to a Ciro-Mazzoni RS-232 port, and verified with an oscilloscope are:


Pin Name Input/Output Idle Voltage


2 Rx Data I

3 Tx Data O -8V

4 DTR O +8V



7 RTS O +8V



Again, my apologies for the previous incorrect data.

Adrian, 5B4AIY


nov 1

Ignoring the spam above Adrian- are these connections common? I need to connect my controller to a microham station master if it is supported

nov 1

Hi, Jim,

What these spammers hope to achieve is beyond me, and why do my posts and replies attract their attention? Anyway, yes, the RS-232 connections are correct

nov 1

Hi Jim, yes the RS-232 connections are correct. However, I am not at all certain that you can connect the Ciro-Mazzoni controller's serial port to a MicroHam Station Master. Although I do not have one, I checked out their documentation, and I do no think it will work. The C-M controller polls the radio roughly once per second and expects to have complete control. C-M have made an interface that allows you to control the radio via a CAT interface/software, as well as respond to the controller's commands. This interface would probably allow you to both control the radio via the MicroHam Station Master connected to a PC running CAT software, as well as extract the frequency data from the radio's message stream to tune the antenna. It uses the C-M controller's RS-232 port as well as the Ethernet port as far as I can determine. Check out the C-M website for further details.


As for the spam, why do they target my posts? What do they hope to gain? Beats me.


Adrian, 5B4AIY

nov 1

Sorry Jim, the Serial Switch uses the existing RS-485 port that is part of the serial board interface, not the Ethernet port. My apologies.

Adrian, 5B4AIY

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