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17 lug 2017

Loop and Flex

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Has anyone experience of using the Midi loop with Flex Radio?

Can anyone help? Any comments would be much be appreciated.

LOOP A. Community Admin
18 lug 2017

Welcome Steve! We have not yet tested ATU 2.0 on Flex Radio... Maybe someone already did it?

To us, a firmware update for Flex is a work in progress. Stay tuned!

30 lug 2017

I am most interested in a Baby loop for my FlexRadio-6500. (1) I understand that Flex have USB-Cables to connect with tuner units. (2) A friend has a Baby loop that is connected to his transever (not Flex) with a cable. I must do more research top see if these two cables can be connected together - is there anyone out there that can help?

12 ago 2017

I am using the Baby Loop with the new ANAN 8000DLE - It would be good to get any new firmware to work with this transceiver please..

30 ago 2017Ultima modifica: 31 ago 2017

Hi Marcin


Thanks for the info and follow up email - All working OK.


I also required to upgrade to the latest firmware to get semi auto mode working with the ANAN 8000DLE


73 - GW4DVB

30 gen 2018

Baby Loop and Flex-6500


Pleased to report that my FlexRadio is now connected to my Ciro Baby Loop. When I tune the radio the antenna tuning follows, great!


I just have a couple of questions which someone may be able to answer.

(1) It is assumed that the Ciro ATU can be damaged if the radio transmits whilst the antenna is tuning. Now the radio and ATU are communicating is there a feed back a control message whereby transmission is disabled whilst tuning is in process? If not are there any settings I can make to protect this from happening?

(2) What is the difference between FULL and SEMI AUTO MODE?


The following is a description of my set up. It may be of use to someone thinking of controlling a Ciro Loop from a Flex-6XXX.


Hardware Interface:

USB-RS232 eval cable, FT232RL, UC232R-10 (stock no 429252 from RS)

Null Modem Cable D9 to D9



version v2.0.19.98

Flex USB Cable settings

Name: ciro loop

Change: CAT

Source: TX Antenna - ANT1

Auto-report: Enabled

Speed: 9600

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow control: none


When Enabled the window shows line entries which include time in hh:mm:ss, followed alternatively by either (RX):FA; or by (TX): FA00007162; which is the frequency. I have left this function Disabled.


Ciro Baby Loop 2.0 ATU:

Board: 1.03.0339 Firmware: v. 3.22


First I selected, SET FULL AUTO

Under which 4 mode settings were available:-





I have chosen - SET FULL AUTO - AUTO MODE: CAT MODE - BAUD RATE: 9600 bps.

7 feb 2018

Hi Andrew,


Thanks for that information, it's very helpful. I followed your settings exactly and my Baby Loop is auto-tuning just fine with my Flex 6700.


What I don't understand is why this information wasn't provided by Ciro Mazzoni. They announced that the new firmware will work with Flex radios so it must have been tested - why not tell us how to set it up?


Incidentally, I'm using a USB to RS232 (DB9) null modem cable made by StarTech. The model number is ICUSB232FTN. It has an FTDI chip, which seems to be the main requirement for Flex radios. I bought it on ebay.


I too would welcome a TX-inhibit to prevent accidentally transmitting while the antenna is tuning. Can this be provided? Maybe in the next firmware update?


8 feb 2018

This is an add-on to my previous posting. I have now set the ATU to “SEMI AUTO MODE”. When I change frequency on the FlexRadio the “TUNING” lamp on the ATU flashes but the tuning dosn’t take place until I press “Enter” on the keypad. This enables me to check that Tx power is turned down to zero before enabling the ATU to start tuning.


Hope this helps, until Ciro and Flex get their act’s together and make the system fail safe !!!

8 feb 2018Ultima modifica: 8 feb 2018



Did anybody figure out a way to get a signal from the ATU v2 when it's tuning? I'd like to use the TX interlock functionality on my Flex 6600M, but need signal from the ATU when tuning to disable TX on the Flex. I haven't probed the serial ports but it would be nice if this was available.


Here's the section on the interlock port:


" The TX Request Input can be enabled with a 3.3V to 5V logic signal (when in Active High mode) or connecting to ground (when in Active Low mode). The circuit is a 74LVC14 CMOS Schmidt trigger logic input with a 2.7k pullup to +3.3V. The IC is 5V tolerant, so you can drive it with TTL levels as well. It can also be driven with an open collector transistor or open drain MOSFET. Grounding the center pin of this connector will prevent transmit from engaging (when in Active Low). "

PE1BMM William
12 feb 2018

connect a relais in paralel with the loop motor, with the relaiscontact disable your tranceiver PTT

13 feb 2018

Is a relay on the motor drive going to be fast enough? By the time the motor starts the ATU will have output its marker low power transmission and detected the SWR and decided which way to drive the motor. Isn't this detection function just the thing we are trying to protect?

13 feb 2018

I agree, the relay would have to be continuously activated from just before the whole tuning process begins to just after it finishes. Also, the motor light flashes on and off, suggesting that the motor is not continuously energised. What about if it overshoots and reverses? Anyway, I don't know what sort of motor it is or how it's controlled - maybe it's a stepper motor driven by pulses; maybe it uses a variable DC voltage, maybe it's controlled by PWM. I think the only safe way to do this would be to have a fixed signal that disables TX until the antenna is tuned and static.

18 apr 2018

I just joined an have the model 2 on the way. For 10 years I have been using the model 1. I found that I could get a signal off the antenna relay inside the controller. I'm hoping I can get the same signal from same point in new model 2. I also will add a relay on same control lead to mute the audio on the Flex 6700. I'm thinking of putting a DPST relay in the head phone audio lead to do this. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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