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4 nov 2018

iCom 7610 not found by ATU

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I have not used my iCom 7610 or my Baby Loop for a few months. I have kept my radio up-to-date and am currently on firmware version 1.20. I recently found that my ATU is not working and is returning the “ICOM NOT FOUND” message.


All cables (which were working before) are the same. No settings had changed prior to this failure although I have tried most all variations just to try to get it to work. Maybe I’m overlooking something obvious? So, if there are any other 7610 users here could you share your CIV settings?


I also installed the latest ATU firmware version 3.22. No change. Any and all help appreciated. Thanks! - Allen

ago 10

You can change the wires and this message is not show again some of the wire is not working properly. This is same problem in academized reviews system and we are trying everything then last option to change the wires and it’s working.

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