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Mike Smith
21 ago 2018

icom 7300

1 commento

Hi all what do I need to connect baby loop to my icom 7300

22 ago 2018

The first, and simplest method is just to connect the transceiver to the antenna controller. With this connection you will have to manually re-tune every time you change frequency. The second method requires the C-M controller to be equipped with the optional RS-232 interface, in addition you will need an Icom CT-17 level convertor, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm mono patch lead to connect the REMOTE socket on the rear panel of the IC-7300 to the CT-17, and a serial lead to connect the CT-17 serial port to the RS-232 port of the C-M controller. The serial lead needs to be wired thus:


Ciro-Mazzoni Signal Direction Icom CT-17 Signal

DB-9 Name DB-25 Name

2 TX Data ---> 3 RX Data

3 RX Data <--- 2 TX Data

5 GND ---- 7 GND


If you have the latest firmware installed in the controller, (Cml_322.tes) then the auto-detect feature will work and it will 'discover' the CI-V port address of the IC-7300. The port speed needs to be the same, obviously, for both the Icom IC-7300 and the C-M controller, and 9600 Baud is more than adequate. In my case I powered the CT-17 from an accessory output of my main power supply, but it is also possible to obtain the necessary power from an accessory socket on the rear of the radio, as its current consumption is very low, of the order of about 25mA.

73, Adrian, 5B4AIY

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