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12 ago 2017

Firmware Releases

5 commenti

Is there anyway that the various firmware releases stored in your software archive could have the release date added to the title so that users can identify the latest ?


Can you also include some release notes ?


73 - Brian

17 ago 2017

I have now installed the Beta version 2.0, and have found that it significantly improves the Address Auto-Detect feature for Icom transceivers. With the previous versions, if the port speed was set to anything higher than 4,800 Baud then the controller would almost certainly fail to find the address. If the speed was set to 4,800 Baud or slower, it would almost always work. Interestingly, if having discovered the transceiver's address the port speed was then set to 9,600 Baud or higher, then the controller would quite happily work. With this new version, using 19,200 Baud, Auto-Address Detect works first time every time for my Icom IC-7300, IC-7600, and even my IC-R20 communications receiver. This latter equipment is something of a 'challenge' for most software packages, so it represents a severe test for the C-M controller. There is still a problem, however. After the address has been detected and saved, why does the controller resume the address detection mode? I would have expected it to simply terminate, after all, you have detected the address and saved it, what more needs to be done?

LOOP A. Community Admin
21 ago 2017


Brian the various firmware releases stored already have the release date and there is a release note .pdf updated. Please see image below


31 ago 2017

Admin - Thanks for the heads up on this - I was viewing the drop box page on an old PC and could only see the folders. Also thanks for pointing out the Release Notes PDF.

29 apr 2018

Where is the firmware now? The link to Dropbox page doesn't work any more.

LOOP A. Community Admin
2 mag 2018

Fixed. Now the page is online, again. Sorry for the inconvenience

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