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5 gen 2018

ATU not seeing ICOM

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I have a Baby Loop and the automatic tuner unit with the RS-232 module factory installed.

On power-up the unit displays: Board 1.03.1245, Firmware V 3.20. The loop tunes perfectly using the manual keyboard.


My problem is that the ATU is not recognizing my rig, an ICOM IC-7610. After scanning the CIV addresses it displays: ICOM NOT FOUND.


Per the Ciro Mazzoni manual I have connected an ICOM CI-V Level Converter CT-17 to the Remote jack on the back of my transceiver. The CT-17 is connected to the ATU’s RS-232 port with a DB25 Male to DB9 Female Null Modem Cable (Double Shielded Full Handshaking).


What I have tried:

Rebooted and reconnected all devices. 

Tried all baud rates from 4800 to AUTO. 

Swapped to a different two conductor cable from rig to CT-17.

Changed to an alternate CIV address on rig (default is 98h). 

Tried same steps on an ICOM R8600 communications receiver. It isn’t recognizing that ICOM unit either.

Experimented with various rig menu settings re: CIV.


I saw a comment on this board from Adrian04 (Link to comment - http://www.ciromazzoni.com/forum/questions-1/firmware-releases)

Adrian said that he had been successful getting his ATU to work with various ICOM rigs.

Can anyone offer some other things I can try to get the unit to see my ICOM? Thanks!

5 gen 2018

Hi, the connections are not a null modem. You need a DB-9 female connector at the Cirro-Mazzoni loop RS-232 output, and a DB-25 male connector at the Icom CT-17 interface. The connections are:

DB-9 Pin 2 to DB-25 Pin 3

DB-9 Pin 3 to DB-25 Pin 2

DB-9 Pin 5 to DB-25 Pin 7.

That should fix your problem.

Adrian, 5B4AIY

5 gen 2018

Adrian -

Thanks so much for the tip. I'll get the correct cable right away.




6 gen 2018

Just to follow-up. The correct cable fixed me up and the 7610 is now talking to the ATU just fine. Thanks again to Adrian for the help.

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