Automatic Tuner Unit 2.0


The brain of LOOP ANTENNA is the ATU 2.0

(Automatic Tuner Unit).

It takes care of every single movement any time that you need to tune your LOOP ANTENNA

Thanks to its technology, ATU 2.0 is able to set the antenna to the best SWR by opening or closing the capacitor for a correct inductance and capacity ratio.

In this way, the antenna is well tuned and the power of your signal is ready to go all around the world.

The ATU 2.0 has an RS232 interface on-board and can be connected and managed by the radio in AUTO or SEMIAUTO mode.

The ATU 2.0 supports*:

-       CI-V ICOM protocol

-       YAESU cat

-       KENWOOD

-       ELECRAFT

-       ELAD FDM-DUO

-       FLEX RADIO

In autodetect mode it tests the motor polarity and the minimum and maximum frequency, gets the antenna pattern detected and the default parameters for the specific model loaded automatically.

Firmware updates via USB port.

It has a new 32-bit CPU and a new 16x2 high contrast LCD display, a fully metallic chassis and an USB keyboard.


*We have a large selection of rigs available for testing with our firmware updates and upgrades. If a particular rig is not at our disposal, all the information that we use to update and upgrade our firmware is taken directly from the rigs’ manufacturers’ manuals available at the moment of release.

Manufacturers may modify the technical specifications provided in their rig manuals, at any time, at their discretion.

LOOP ANTENNA by I3VHF assumes no responsibility for malfuncion of untested models. For further information please refer to our website and our blog.

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